Amethyst Gold Chrome Chameleon color shift mica.

Amethyst Gold Chrome Chameleon color shift mica.


Professional cosmetic grade Chameleon mica pigments. Use 0.25 grams per 10-12ml of suspension base for a vivid shift effect in nail polish.

These pigments can be applied directliy to the nail or can be applied over a base colour to enhance the eyecatching colour shift nuances (the last four images are the pigment applied over black). The chromatic colour shift effect is very dramatic within the nail polish bottles. Amethyst gold pigment shimmers gold when worn alone and green when applied over a dark base colour.


The chrome pigments are available in following colours and chameleon shifts.


Firebrand: Gold to red

Fuchsia Violet: Pink/orange/purple/blue

Aqua Gold: Yellow/Green/Blue

Magenta Plum: Blue/Purple/Pink

Amethyst Gold: Gold/Blue/purple


Micamoma chameleon colour shifts pigments are cosmetic grade and conform with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 and are suitable for nail polish intended for sale and retail in the UK and EU.

Applications: Nail Polish , Crafts
Packaging: Resealable Bag