Aqua Gold Chrome Chameleon colour shift mica.

Aqua Gold Chrome Chameleon color shift mica.


Professional cosmetic grade Chameleon mica pigments. Use 0.25 grams per 10-12ml of suspensioin base for a vivid shift effect in nail polish.

These pigments can be applied directliy to the nail or can be applied over a base colour to enhance the eyecatching colour shift nuances.


Aqua gold shifts subtley from yellow to blue to green. The subtle chromatic effect is further enhanced when worn over a black base.


The chrome pigments are available in following colours and chameleon shifts.


Firebrand: Gold to red

Fuchsia Violet: Pink/orange/purple/blue

Aqua Gold: Yellow/Green/Blue

Magenta Plum: Blue/Purple/Pink

Amethyst Gold: Gold/Blue/purple


Micamoma chameleon colour shifts pigments are cosmetic grade and conform with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 and are suitable for nail polish intended for sale and retail in the UK and EU.

Applications: Nail Polish , Crafts
Packaging: Resealable Bag