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  • Cool Blue Linear Holographic Nail Polish Recipe


    Cool Blue Linear Holographic Nail Polish Recipe


    To create Cool Blue Holographic linear nail polish you will need the following - 

    - 1 x mixing cup

    - 1 x solvent resistant mixing spoon

    - Micamoma High Gloss Pearl Suspension Base

    - Blue Velvet Mica



    An oldie but a goodie. This holographic beauty is the perfect playful nail polish that will work perfectly for a fun night out.


    You will need -

    - 008 Silver Holographic Glitter

    - 015 Silver Holographic Glitter

    - Micamoma Holographic Pigment

    - Micamoma Clear Suspension Base

    - Micamoma Jet Black Liquid pigment

    - 1 x mixing cup

    - 1 x solvent resistant mixing spoon


    To create this gorgeous pink polish with gold shimmer is really simple. You will need -


    - 1 x mixing cup

    - 1 x solvent resistant mixing spoon

    - Micamoma High Gloss Pearl Suspension Base

    - Red Merlot Mica

    - 1 x 10ml nail polish bottle

    - 2 x mini balls

    - 1 x 0.5ml measuring scoop


    1. Pour some suspension base into the mixing cup halfway between the 10ml and 15ml mark.

  • Nail Polish Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)


    Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP plays an essential role in a cosmetic and independent nail polish manufacturers duties and obligations especially in light of the 2013 EU Cosmetic Regulations where GMP is one of the main focal areas. Essentially GMP refers to a set of practices and procedures that ensure that your products are produced in a clean environment and do not become contaminated during the manufacturing process.

  • NEW*Top Coat and Base Coat CPSR

    Do you know that that you need a CPSR if you intend to sell Top coat or base coat?

    Micamoma has finalised a CPSR that covers our Top coat and base coat. Making it easier and simple to comply with the current EU regulations.

    The new Top/base coat cosmetic product safety report can be included in your PIF files and is valid within the UK and the EU.


  • Spectraflair... To use or not to use?

    This is an article that we researched about a year ago in response to UK and EU based inquiries concerning a popular pigment called Spectraflair.


    Spectraflair - To use or not to use? That is the question. This holographic pigment has enabled indie polish makers globally to create some eye catching holographic polishes. So hotly debated is Spectraflair we felt that it deserved a devoted article.

    So what is all the fuss about?


  • Cosmetic Safety Assessment

    Micamoma are pleased to announce the first safety assessment for indie polish makers in the EU!

    What is a Safety Assessment?

    A cosmetic safety assessment or Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) is a product report which ensures that a cosmetic product is safe for normal conditions of use.

    It must be undertaken by a suitably qualified person with a thorough understanding of the EU Cosmetic Regulations.

    The safety assessor will consider


    • the toxicology of every ingredient submitted for assessment

  • How to Label your Indie Nail Polish

    How to Label your Indie Nail Polish- Listing Your Ingredients

    Do not fear if you are unsure about how to label your polish. It can be quite daunting when you look at all of those strange chemical names and wonder how am I going to list these on my ingredients label? Do not worry you are not alone. So let's get started.

    What order should I list my ingredients in?

  • What are the EU Regulation 1223/2009 (Cosmetics Regulations) ?