Cosmetic Safety Assessment

Micamoma are pleased to announce the first safety assessment for indie polish makers in the EU!

What is a Safety Assessment?

A cosmetic safety assessment or Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) is a product report which ensures that a cosmetic product is safe for normal conditions of use.

It must be undertaken by a suitably qualified person with a thorough understanding of the EU Cosmetic Regulations.

The safety assessor will consider


  • the toxicology of every ingredient submitted for assessment

  • the chemical makeup of each ingredient

  • the areas on the body where the finished product will be applied

  • the type/s of individual who will be using the product. Products intended for those under the age of 3 require special reports

  • the quantity of each ingredient the intended user will be exposed to

Nail polish is considered a cosmetic product and therefore nail polish makers in the UK no matter the size of their business must have relevant CPSRs to legally sell their products.


How many different nail polishes can I make and sell with a standard CPSR?

Many CPSRs on the market may enable you to make 1 to 10 different nail polishes. This can be quite restrictive for small indie polish makers who often have a number of polishes for sale. Indie polish makers also tend to change their product lines quite frequently. Therefore this option can be quite costly and impractical.

How will the Micamoma CPSR help me as an indie polish maker?

Up until now there has not been a CPSR for indie polish makers in the EU. This new development puts indie polish makers on par with soap makers and other cosmetic product producers who have been compliant with the Regulations since 2013.

Our CPSR will enable indie polish makers to produce nail polish with our current nail polish suspension bases and EU approved ingredients. There will be no restriction on the number of nail polishes that can be formulated and offered for sale in the U.K and EU.

Do I need to get one for nail polish as I already have a cosmetic safety report for my soap, cream and lip balm?

Yes. Each cosmetic product type that you produce and sell must have its own cosmetic safety report. A soap, cream or lip balm CPSR will not cover nail polish

Will my CPSR ever expire?

Once issued the Cosmetic Product Safety Report is indefinite but is subject to any changes that are made to the EU Cosmetic Regulations.

Do I need to send you my nail polish?

No. The assessment will cover your nail polish if it is made from Micamoma supplies.

Why do I need it?

If you make and sell nail polish to the public it is a legal reqirement to have a cosmetic safety report. The CPSR will provide guidance on the maximum usage rates of the ingredients that you will use. It will also provide assurances for both you and your customers that your nail polish is safe. It also demonstrates your commitment to providing a high quality product.

How much will it cost?

The price will be published when the CPSR is finalised.

When will CPSR be available?

The Cosmetic Safety Assessment will ready in the coming weeks. Our customers will receive an email advising them of the launch date. Please contact info@micamoma for more information. 

Please note the information in this article is subject to change.