Charisma Nail Polish Bottle (Black cap)

Charisma Luxury Nail polish bottle (Black cap)


The Charisma bottle is manufactured with high quality Italian glass. Extremely robust and made to european and international industry standards. The design is a perfect cube shape with an elegant pedestal that will make your nail polish look ornamental and chic. Essential packaging for a quality, high-end nail polish brand. 

The Charisma bottle is supplied with a flat brush.

Flat Brush

  • Applies polishes and metallics with minimal strokes and streaks
  • Ideal for extracting large glitters
  • Suitable for glitter, pearl, holographic and jelly polishes


The front of the bottle measures approximately H: 29mm W: 29mm giving ample room for easy labelling  with circular or square labels.


Capacity: 9.5ml, 0.34fl oz
Dimensions: including cap : H: 70mm W: 30mm
Foot print : 29mm x 29mm
Applications: Nail Polish
Packaging: Pack of 1, 25, 50, 100, 200