ChromaFlair 'type' Multichrome colour shift Cosmetic and Nail polish pigment (GRG)

ChromaFlair 'type' MultiChromatic Cosmetic and Nail polish pigment  Green - Red - Gold

Chromatic ChromaFlair 'type' pigment conforms to EC regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 and is cosmetic grade and cruelty free. This product is a cosmetic safe version of popular ChromaFlair type pigments. These versatile multichrome pigments can be used in most cosmetic applications including eye make-up and nail polish.

The vibrant, metalic, multichromatic colour shifts are achieved by the refraction of light via the tiny micron-sized aluminium flakes. These flakes are incapsulated by glass which refracts and bends light achieving the dramatic rainbow effect. The extreme multi-colour shifts are observed by viewing the nail at different angles and light sources.

To achieve the eye-catching colour shifts the thickness of the encapsulating glass must be manufactured within a few atoms

Micamoma ChromaFlair 'type' Multichrome pigments are non-toxic, non-radiated and safe to use in nail polish and cosmetics intended for sale in the U.K and the European Union.

Micamoma ChromaFlair 'type' MultiChromatic pigments are available in following dramatic shifts.

  • Purple - Green - Gold - Red  (transition colours can also be observed)
  • Green - Red -Gold                (transition colours can also be observed)
Usage Rates (guide)
Nail Polish - Add approximately 0.25 ml for a 10ml nail polish


Capacity: 1ml
Applications: Nail Polish, Crafts
Packaging: Resealable Bag



Beautiful colour but would prefer a pot as the pigment sticks to the bag, which means around half of it is wasted. Not good when it is so expensive.
Hi Katie. Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion. We have now started supplying these pigments in pots :)