Flat Round Nail Polish Bottle (White Cap)

Flat Round Nail Polish bottle (White cap)


A round bottle with a flat front surface for easy and clear labelling. A practical bottle design with the combined styling of conventional round and flat nail polish bottles. Providing an elegant packaging solution for bespoke nail polish.

The Flat Round nail polish bottle is supplied with a  flat brush.

Flat Brush

  • Applies polishes and metallics with minimal strokes and streaks
  • Ideal for extracting large glitters
  • Suitable for glitter, pearl, holographic and jelly polishes


Capacity: 10ml, 0.34fl oz
Dimensions: including cap : H: 70mm     W: 36mm
Foot print : W: 36mm     D: 24mm

Front Face: 25mm Diameter
Applications: Nail Polish
Packaging: Pack of 1, 25, 50, 100, 200