Nail polish suspension base

Which nail polish suspension base should I choose?

Nail polish suspension base is an essential ingredient. It distributes pigments such as mica and oxides giving a consistent and uniform colour to nail polish. It also suspends small and large glitters within the polish preventing them from sinking and forming clumps at the bottom of bottles. The nail polish base you choose will determine the type of nail polish you want to create.

Our nail suspension bases at a glance.

High Gloss Pearl base:  An opaque base that suspends small glitters (up to 008') and can be coloured with our liquid pigments or mica powder to create traditional coloured nail polishes such as cremes, pearls and holographics. On application, it is quick drying and spreads evenly on the nail, producing a hard wearing, attractive professional gloss finish.

Glitter & Holographic base: This base is extremely versatile, suspends any size glitter and can be used to create Holographic and Jellie polishes. Glitter & Holographic suspension nail polish base is clear and has a thinner consistency than our Gel base. Coloured nail polish liquid pigments, mica powders distribute well and evenly within it imparting full colour saturation.

Visit here for the ingredients list for all suspension bases.


Guidance on thinning suspension base.

Sometimes it may be useful to thin suspension base. We recommend that nail polish thinner should be avoided or kept to a very small percentage. This is because nail polish thinner is a strong solvent and will adversely affect the suspension and elastic properties of the suspension base. The resulting nail polish will initially apply well to the nail but can rapidly become brittle and chip. The suspending properties of the base can become disrupted resulting in glitters sinking to the bottom of the bottle.

To safely thin nail polish we have found that the following combinations below have achieved satisfactory results and helped maintain the integrity and suspending qualities of the resulting nail polish. These quantities can be extrapolated when producing larger batches of nail polish.

To thin Glitter Holographic Suspension base.

8.5ml Glitter Holographic suspension base, 0.1ml nail polish thinner.