Real Sterling Silver Cosmetic and Nail polish pigment

Real Sterling Silver Cosmetic and Nail polish Pigment

This popular and vibrant Sterling Silver nail polish pigment contains real silver and is used by the more exclusive nail polish brands. Sterling silver pigment can also be used in a variety of cosmetic products.

This product conforms to EC regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 and is cosmetic grade and cruelty free. On the nail, Sterling Silver pigment emits an authentic, classy and dazzling gleam. With a far superior finish and look compared to coloured silver plastic and aluminium based glitters.

Real Sterling silver pigments are non-toxic, non-radiated and safe to use in nail polish and cosmetics intended for sale in the U.K and the European Union.

Usage Rates (guide)
Nail Polish - Add approximately 0.25g for a 10ml nail polish.
Suspension Bases and Real Sterling Pigment
To achieve a consistent  bright silver finish on the Nail we suggest combining this Real Sterling Silver pigment with High Gloss Pearl suspension base.


Weight: 2g, 5g
Applications: Nail Polish, Crafts
Packaging: Resealable Bag



Really silver, catches the light beautifully. Downside is packaging as the pigment sticks to the plastic bag.