Solvent Resistant Funnels

Solvent Resistant Funnels for Nail Polish


Nail polish funnel for effective decanting of nail polish, suspension base, glitters and mica.

Spilling and wasting glitter and micas is kept to the minimum. Ingredients straight are decanted into the bottle minus the hassle. Perfectly sized to fit even the smallest of nail polish bottles and still ideal for larger sized bottles.

Throw away that piece of card you use to funnel your pigments, micas and glitters into your bottle and choose our reusable and robust solvent resistant funnels.

They are made from Polypropylene plastic which is robust and resistant to solvents making it ideal for use with nail polish suspension base.

Fits all of our Nail Polish Bottles.

Dimensions: L:  40mm
Applications: Nail Polish , Perfume
Packaging: Resealable Bag