Ultra Chameleon Chrome Flakes Orion

Ultra Chameleon Chrome Flake Orion


Ultra Chameleon Chrome Flake add a dramatic and vivid effect to nail polish, nail art and paint base.


Its mutichromatic colour effect is due to the refraction of natural light on the particles surface.Resulting in a dynamic magical rainbow effect.

Ultra Chameleon Chrome flakes are available in the following colour shifts:


Andromeda    - Bronze/Green 
Gemini           - Blue/Purple red 
Orion             -  Purple-Red-Blue-Green 
Aquarius        - Purple-Yellow-green 
Aries              - Red-Pink-Gold-Yellow-Green 


These pigments extremely versatile  and are widely used in UV gel polish, paint, commercial and bespoke nail polish. UCC Flakes can also be applied directly to the nail with a brush. Then sealed with a high quality gloss or matt top coat

This product conforms to EC regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 and is cosmetic grade, cruelty free and vegan friendly. 

UCC pigments are non-toxic, non-radiated and safe to use in nail polish, cosmetics.paint and all crafts intended for sale in the U.K, US and the European Union.

Ultra Chameleon Chrome Flakes are supplied in jars. 

Suspension Bases and Ultra Chameleon Chrome Flakes

Weight: 0.5g

Applications: Nail Polish, Crafts
Packaging: Jar,Resealable Bag